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A little bit about our charity.

October 11th, 2010 has been around for 10 years but originated out of a Bronx high school where teachers experienced first-hand the scarcity of learning materials in our public schools.

Charles Best, then a social studies teacher, sensed that many people would like to help distressed public schools, but were frustrated by a lack of influence over their donations. He created in 2000 so that individuals could connect directly with classrooms in need.

The mission at is to improve public education by empowering every teacher to be a change-maker and enabling any citizen to be a philanthropist.

It sure doesn’t get any better than that, folks. is not very well utilized here in Montana, so this growing season will hopefully be dually-faceted: while raising money for classroom projects and sporting some upper lip fuzz it might get our local schools to create some projects of their own!

The other amazing thing about is their amazing support for Mustaches for Kids! If you’ll look to the right of the screen you’ll see an empty leaderboard. Soon, very soon friends, this leader board will be populated with each grower’s profile and friends and family will be able to donate to their favorite grower’s favorite projects (while keeping abreast of the fundraising efforts of other chapters across the continent)!

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